White on White


This lightweight summer dress was on my list for the Summer 2014 Capsule Collection and now I can cross it off. I made it last month or so, using a pattern I created myself – very easy, shaped a bit like a trapezoid, with no darts – in retrospect, bust darts would have been a good addition, but it’s to late for them now. Because of it’s loose shape, I always wear it with a belt: If not, it looks like something you might wear in hospital… or on the beach, when its really hot and you have to throw sthg. over your bikini. But even then, I would recommend to wear it with a belt!

This cotton with tiny ‘structured’ dots is a bit see-through, so I made french seams and finished the neckline with bias binding. Again, a belt gathers the fabric a bit and makes it more difficult to detect the underwear beneath it. Still, I always wear a body with this dress or at least some nude undergarments. You see, this was supposed to be a quick, easy and uncomplicated dress, but it is quite demanding! :)


I never posted a picture of me wearing my self-made west, so here it is in action – perfect for hot summerdays!



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