Getting Re-Inspired

getting re-inspired1When you have a lot of work to do and are slightly stressed out, then it’s always nice to think ahead and dream about all the things you’ll do once everything calmed down a bit. The problem is that often, you have changed your mind: What sounded tempting a couple of weeks ago is now boring.

Something similar can also happen with sewing. You make plans about your wardrobe and look for patterns and try to find the perfect fabric. But once you have enough time to start sewing, some of your plans and ideas don’t feel right anymore.

So here is what I do to get re-inspired. Ideally, I’ll like my original plan again, I’ll modify it or I’ll trash it and make something completely different – The main point is that I will feel like making something again.

getting re-inspired2

1.: I’ll look at all my patterns and ‘technical’ books: Books that describe various sewing and fabric-manipulating techniques. The good thing about is that I then already have an existing pattern or the explanations for a certain technique ready and I don’t have to figure things out myself. Often enough though, flipping through these kind of books and my patterns brings me to completely new ideas: How I could modify or combine certain patterns, how I could use some techniques in an unexpected way… You see, it’s never as simple as it seems!

getting re-inspired3

2.: I look at (pictures of) actual clothes. It doesn’t matter whether they are historical, Haute Couture or for movies/the stage. The important point is that I have clear images of all the details and maybe even information about their construction. The images are supposed to give me ‘immediate feedback’ – Differently from paintings,which are often vague or give only hints: I find this more suitable for general inspiration, but not necessarily helpful if I have to figure out how to turn a plain idea into a bright one.

Additionally, I browse through various fashion magazines, even though I prefer looking through my magazine clippings for getting re-inspired: They represent my current style and favourites best, as this is the reason why I cut them out in the first place. So unlike the magazines, they are much more ‘concentrated’.

getting re-inspired4

3.: Of course, Internet is a huge source of inspiration as well, whether it’s direct or indirect. Even though it is the last point on this list, it never fails to help me out. Sewing wise, I love watching the Chanel Savoir Faire videos: They are incredible, the attention to detail and the craftsmanship is amazing. They make me want to pick up a needle and start sewing immediately.

For actual inspiration, I literally just browse. I check my favourite sewing blogs and see what everyone is making. I check my favourite fashion blogs and see what everyone is wearing. Ultimately though, I always return to pinterest. I love it! My pinterest is full of inspiration from all different kinds of places…. if you are interested, check it out. It never let’s me down :)


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