fotos 133

The semester is over (no more exams) but there still is a paper that I have to finish and another one that I have to hand in. I’m writing a praragraph a day, making slow progress. And I’ll go to Vienna next week, looking for flats. So it’s not like I don’t have anything to do. But still, I’m taking it slow this week. Sleep long, read much, go to the cinema or just watch tv (it’s the wm, after all). I’m even too lazy to sew: I’m now very close to finishing the appliqué dress, but I had to modify the fit again – which is strange, as I already made it twice before and the fit was alright then. As far as I remember – I probably just forgot my alterations and didn’t mark them on the pattern, how stupid :).

So, there isn’t really anything exciting to blog about, but I’ll hopefully have some new stuff ready after the 14. Meanwhile, I’m relaxing in the sun (but it looks like rain, too bad) and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great next week!

fotos 132


2 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. majken67 says:

    Hello, enjoy the sun (hopefully)! I look forward to pictures of the dress :-) . Linda (new reader)

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