Doll News

While I was away, I missed some new releases by Integrity. Over the weekend was the IDFC (International Fashion Doll Convention) in Las Vegas and IT presentd 3 more Poppy Parkers – Rememeber, it’s her fifth anniversary. Additionally, there is a new Victoire Roux doll, called Prêt à Partir and she is an IT Direct Exclusive. But let’s first have a look at the Poppies: They feature a new eye screening and a slightly different body – now they have high-heeled feet instead of the flat ones, which makes it easier to share shoes with other dolls, such as DG and Nu.Face. All wear festive clothes and are ready to celebrate.

Evening Ingenue

Evening Ingenue full

Evening Ingenue face

It Girl

IT Girl full

IT Girl face

Glamorous Darling

Glamourous Darling full

Glamourous Darling face

IT Direct Exclusive: Prêt à Partir Victoire Roux

Prêt à Partir full

Prêt à Partir face

Prêt à Partir

Isn’t she glamorous? So pretty and I love the interesting jacket. Gloves in that size are always tricky, I would have left them out. But otherwise, fabulous!

All images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!


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