Vienna once more


Last week I was in Vienna, looking for a small flat or a flat-share for this autumn and I actually found something! Friends of ours have a spare flat in their raised ground floor and I had a look at it – it was beautiful! The house is an Art-Deco villa, a bit outside of the city, but close to my school and there are very good public transport connections to the centre. It’s really big and very light – not dark or damp, sthg. you might expect in a raised ground floor flat. There are two big rooms, with a tiny bathroom and an extra room, which is not in the flat anymore, but I’m allowed to use it for my sewing – how cool is that! Unfortunately, it’s only 85% sure that I will get it, but we are all very optimistic. I so hope that I’ll be able to move mid-August!

I leave you with a couple of pictures form various shops in Vienna: Duft&Kultur (my mother’s absolute favourite), Lena Hoschek and the finnshop (marimekko).








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