An Artist in Residence


There is a Textile Gallery (that’s also the name) right across the street were we live and every summer, there is an artist ‘in residence’. I love this installment, as I love to watch the creative process: One can come and go and just see how everything is made and how the workplace looks like – it’s so inspiring!

This year, for the third time, the artist is Edith Platzl. She actually teaches sewing and working with textiles as well as drawing at a school, but on the side, she works as a textile artist. She calls her work ‘drawing with the sewing machine’ and that is literally what she does: She has some sketches as a reference, but the rest is just created on the machine. She sews both on fabric and paper (sometimes into her sketchbooks) and often uses colours additionally to the otherwise black thread.

I’ll just share some pictures from the last three years here – not so much of her actual work, but more of her sketches and workspace, which I find even more interesting!







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