More Dyeing

tie-dye in blueThis time a tablecloth, some t-shirts and some extra pieces of fabric. It all started with making the tablecloth for our Grandmother: She wanted something for her balcony that would match her sunflower-pillows (with a deep blue background). So we chose the colour ‘ice-blue’ and made a test (see below) – It looked fine, considering the fact that we just held the cloth into the dye-bath for a couple of moments. So we put the whole tablecloth into it and waited. It ended up being turquoise instead of blue… not so great. So we made a new dye-bath, this time ‘dark-blue’ and overdyed it – it was perfect! But so strange – the first turquoise dye looked blue in the water and the blue one purple… Additionally to the unspecific names, no wonder we struggled with finding the right colour!

I also dyed a t-shirt for myself (the one with the vertical strip down the front) and my sister made one with the same design as on the tablecloth. We also dyed two more pieces with green (no photos, maybe next time) and some fabric scraps – the last picture.







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