Patchwork Pillow

patchwork pillow front

As I am planning to make two big quilts for Christmas (as presents) and because I have never made anything like it before, I started small and tried out patchworking. I looked through my stash and realised that I had quite a few blue-and-white fabrics, all in different shades and patterns. As some were just small scraps, I chose to make a pillow case, where I wouldn’t need much fabric. Below are the fabrics that I used, only one fabric is not in the picture – I added it afterward. I think it is a good mixture, both light and dark, graphic and floral.

patchwork pillow fabrics

After I measured my pillow, I made a template – 50×54 cm. I divided into more or less equally wide rows and layed out the fabric squares: I made sure there were no dark areas as well as never the same fabrics touching each other.

patchwork pillow layout

Next, I sewed the pieces into rows and then assembled the rows to complete the front of the pillow. At this point (well, actually once I started cutting the fabric) I decided to throw perfectionism out of the window – otherwise, I would have driven myself crazy trying to make every seam perfectly straight. So now there are some ‘mistakes’, but that doesn’t really bother me.

patchwork pillow

patchwork pillow sewing

For the back, I chose a fabric that is the only one I bought extra for this project. I really like it, it’s cute, but not too girlish and the pillow looks good also with the back as the front.

patchwork pillow back

My thoughts about this project? I was surprised how quick it was to assemble, but then, of course, I didn’t care about precision. But it was a good start and I think now I’m ready to tackle bigger projects as well. And sorry about the wrinkles in the first picture – it already gets used a lot! :)


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