Moments of Wonder

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - giant

That is the motto of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Tyrol and I have to say, they were truly wonderful. At the entrance, one is greeted by the iconic giant and the rest is just as magical. There were walls filled with Swarovski Crystals, trees covered in them so it looked like ice, a huge dome filled with mirrors and changing lights, intricately embelllished dresses, models of different crystal shapes and more. It was all about these small stones and how they break the light just like real gems. It was a world filled with glistening and flashing light in all colours of the rainbow – truly enchanting.

Towards the end, there was a cross-section covering Swarovski’s history through showing various pieces using their stones  – jewellery, shoes, props, etc. Among them was the bra pictured in the last photo – one of my favourite items! :)

And as some things already look a bit old and faded, here are the good news: From October to April, the Crystal Worlds will be renovated and extended – I know what I’ll do next summer! :)

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - wall detail

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - Alexander McQueen tree

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - dome

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - dress

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - Empire State Building

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - model

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - jellyfish

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - bra

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