I’m moving


The time has finally come – I’m moving. Right now, I’m packing, throwing things away, deciding what to leave behind and what to take with me. My room is a complete mess, but slowly, the boxes are filling. So far, I’m actually quite enjoying it!

Moving and packing made me realize how much stuff I really have and that most things fall into one of two categories: Either it’s books or it’s something connected to sewing – fabrics, paterns, ribbons, trims, beads… And most of the things I own are indeed useful or serve a purpose – I have hardly any decorational stuff that just stands around and collects dust, as I really hate to have too much clutter. So actually, most of the things I own are connected to one of my two major hobbies – reading and sewing (for fashiondolls as well.)

Still, I have filled seven boxes and four bags so far and all my clothes have yet to be packed. I have time until Monday – I’m going to Vienna on Tuesday and the boxes as well as some furniture will come on Thursday. And after a probably very stressful weekend, school starts next Monday! I’m excited, it’s so soon! I hope I’ll be able to settle down a bit until then….


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