La Mademoiselle Jolie – Ombres Poétique

La Mademoiselle Jolie full

I know, this is not news anymore, but better late than never, right? Especially when we’re talking about a doll as beautiful as this one.

It’s La mademoiselle Jolie (Elise Jolie’s mother) ‘Ombre Poétique’, the new WClub exclusive. She wears a stunning nude and black tulle gown and doesn’t only have a set of jewels, but also exquisite lingerie (look at the bra!) to go with it. She’s areal beauty, I love her eyes and her lip colour as well as her hairstyle. I really regret not being a WClub member this time! :)

La Mademoiselle Jolie face

La Mademoiselle Jolie lingerie

La Mademoiselle Jolie side

All pictures above are the property of Intergity toys, Inc.!


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