Edge – Lisa Ramsammy and Integrity Toys

edge full

Imagine you could design a doll fashion, completely your own vision, the only restrictions would be your skills, to be able to turn your design into an actual garment. And imagine, you have made it, put a lot of thought and passion into it and the Integrity Toys Team decides to produce your design! That’s exactly what happened to Lisa Ramsammy. She participated in the Official Integrity Toys Advanced Design Competition which took place at the ‘Premiere’ Convention last year in Los Angeles. (Btw., the 2014 convention ‘Gloss’ is in ca. 40 days, are you excited already?). Anyways, she won and now IT produces not only the outfit, but also revamped the model: Lisa used the first Vanessa Perrin version, the doll ‘Edge’ is version Nr. 3.

edge full1

What can I say? Congratulations, Lisa! I really like her design, so clean and fresh. Well done! And I also like how IT cooperates with doll collectors and independent designers, the competition is really a great opportunity to have your own unique designs produced!

edge side

edge back

The pictures above are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!


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