The ‘One-Evening’ Blouse

quick blouse

I love quick sewing projects. As much as I like intricate details and stunning embellishments, I’m a huge procrastinator and it’s better for me if a project is quick to finish :). This blouse from the September Issue 2014 of Burda Style, nr. 103 is one of these projects – I finished it in one evening.

I consider this a wearable muslin – I didn’t make a real muslin, as the pattern is so simple. I also didn’t follow the instructions as I didn’t understand them – that’s what happens if you learn sewing in another language than your mother tongue! But maybe I should have read them more carefully.. The elastic around the neck is a bit too short = too tight, so I rather leave it unbuttoned. Additionally, I didn’t insert an elastic into the sleeves and as a result, they were too big, so I made them smaller. Too small… They are a bit tight now. You see why I call this a wearable muslin? But it’s totally fine, I still wore it twice already. I just have to be more precise with the next version. At least this one has french seams for a bit of luxury! :) (And also more seams than planned – I hardly had enough fabric and had to work on the layout of all the pieces more than I would have liked to!)

quick blouse - neckline

quick blouse

quick blouse back


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