The Forgotten Skirt

the forgotten skirt

I realized that I have quite a few selfmade garents in my closet, that never made it onto the blog, for whatever reason. One of these items is this skirt. I made it a long time ago, close to a year I think. And I wore it only twice, today was the third time. Why? Well, it’s a bit short. I made it out of a sample piece of decor fabric (with nicely textured stripes) and there was just enough material for this skirt, making it any longer was impossible. But I actually feel quite comfortable wearing it with thights…. and as it is a very slim skirt, a short hem is not as problematic as a wide one, as no breeze can turn it up!

The pattern is the Pencil Skirt pattern from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing (made already several times), only shortened drastically. The skirt closes with a centered zipper and a loop and button in the back. It looks a bit wonky, but the ‘nice’ texture of the stripes made it a bit difficult to match them completely :)

the forgotten skirt side

the forgotten skirt back


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