This month passed quickly!


I’m in fashionschool (Modekolleg Herbststrasse) for 4 weeks now and I think it’s time for a small update!

After a hectic start, things have calmed down a bit. I now find all my classrooms on time and have bought all the things I need: I already had scissors and needles and that stuff, so I could save some money – others spent a lot on putting together their sewing kits, so I’m glad I didn’t need to do that. The whole class also went fabric shopping together, for our first two projects: A skirt and a pair of trousers. Our first project was a bag though, which will be sold at the Christmas market. I’m already finished with mine, I’ll take pictures of her next week.

About the classes: We spend a lot of time in the workshops, were we have two main classes: ‘Fertigungstechnik’ (were we learn how to insert a zipper, make a button placket, etc.) and ‘Experimentelles Design’ were we realize our own designs and create actual garments. Then we have two different types of pattern construction: One is in 2D, on a piece of paper, very geomatrical, with all kinds of norms like why a dart is 6 cms away from the side-seam and that kind of stuff. The other one is draping on a dressform, which I prefer.

Of course, we also have to design our clothes, so we have a class that teaches us how to find inspiration, turn that into sketches of actual garments and create a cohesive collection. We only had one class so far, so can’t say much about it, but I think it will be one of my favourites. Our homework for this week is to gather inspiration with the overall theme ‘Look backwards to the front’. We have to collect memories, things that we associate with that theme and that have a very personal connection to us and think about them in a future context… I’ll show and explain to you all what I came up with next week.

Then we have 5 different courses, each one for 3 weeks, that deal with fabric: So far I had Embroidery, right now I’m having Surface Manipulation. Printing, Weaving and Knitted Fabrics are yet to come. Embroidery was fine, nothing too new for me (trying to sound not too arrogant, but honestly, I made a sample with basic embroidery stitches in primary school – never worked on an embroidery machine, though). Surface Manipulation is really cool so far, so expect some pictures of what I did within the next 3 weeks!

And lastly, we have some theoretical classes: Accountancy and Business Management (not my favourites), History of Fashion (would be interesting if it woudn’t be presented in such a …. boring …. way) and Textile Technology – what different fibres exist, their production, their qualities, etc..

As the title of this post suggest, I think this month passed extremely quickly. The (long) days went by in a whim, in less than a month I’ll have holidays for a week again! I guess the reason for this is that there is just so much to do: I have 4 times school in the afternoon and afterwards I’m mostly pretty exhausted. Additionally, now it’s me who has to go grocery shopping, cook, clean up the flat, etc – it all eats up precious sewing time! (Yes, even after a day of sitting in front of a sewing machine, I still want to sew sthg. for myself or the dolls!)

So, that was a more or less brief summary of my classes and what I do in school… Next update will maybe be more personal and/or more project-based, so stay tuned!

Oh and before I forget – you can find me on Instagram now, @liliana_elentari, or click here for instant updates and a more personal view onto my life!

Herbststrasse Origami dress

Herbststrasse weaving


2 thoughts on “This month passed quickly!

    • elentari95 says:

      It takes 2 years, but after that you don’t have a Master’s diploma, so there is the option to study Costume Design or Haute Couture for another year. Of course I’m taking Costume Design, that is the reason why I signed up for this school!

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