The Two-Seasons Dress

DSC02845 The seasons come and go, and the fashion cycle never stands still: Twice a year, something new is discovered, a new mood, style, source of inspiration and translated into fashion, into a look. Others have similar ideas, a trend is formed. It lasts for a seasons, for two season, for a while. It might become a classic. Or it will be reinvented in 20+ years and everyone will say: “How new, how modern!”. Last year, this trend was the revival of the 90ies, now you’re allowed to call anything from that era vintage. Grunge was the main theme, you couldn’t get past plaid. This year it looks more like the 60ies are coming to live again – with little shift dresses and mini skirts. And then there’s this dress. I made it last year. I had made a full dress 2 years ago out of the plaid fabric, but it was stained and I had to throw it away, because I couldn’t remove the stains – and didn’t see them before making the dress. I didn’t throw away the whole dress though, I kept the sleeves. A year ago, I finally reused them for this dress. The main part is made out of black cotton flannel, nice and cozy, perfect for the cooler seasons. The pattern was form a Burda style magazine, I guess issue 8/2012, but I don’t know the exact number of the pattern. I’m currently making it again – well, currently is the wrong word. It’s the appliqué dress I started this summer. But the fit is so wrong and I have clearly no idea why – as you can see, I made this dress before and it fits well – I probably changed something and didn’t transfer the changes onto the pattern. Maybe I’ll have some nerves for fixing it soon… So here it is, the 2-seasons dress, combining Grunge and the 60ies, totaly unintentionally, but very convenient. I have still some clothes left that I made some time ago and that were never photographed, I’ll see if I’ll take some pictures soon! Update: I took new, better pictures (= brighter, not so grainy and they’re bigger now) and also added a belt in some of them – looks good as well! DSC02853 DSC02861 DSC02862 Have a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Two-Seasons Dress

  1. pillowparlance says:

    I love this……you have such a great sense of style Liliana! I love the plaid……and the muted tones work so well with the black. But I think what makes this so edgy actually, is the length and the detail on the shoulder…….and it just suits you so well. On another issue, do you know where I can buy plaid that is on the light cotton, Summer side? In Australia I can only get gingham and my daughter wants very specific plaid/tartan. I met a woman from Scotland last week, who has put me on to both wool tartan or silk tartan…..but I need cotton. Any clues?

    • elentari95 says:

      Ah, that’s actually a silk flower, I forgot to mention it :)
      Concerning the plaid… I buy all my fabrcis in local stores, never on the internet – I need to touch them! This plaid was a lucky find, but I have honestly no idea what the brand was or anything like that… Maybe some other bloggers could help? I’m sorry, but I’m very bad at soucring/tracking fabrics, I usually buy what jupes into my eyes at the stores (no chain stores here in Austria btw., so this isn’t helpful either) or I have a general idea and try to find something similar.
      Oh, and thank you so much for your compliment! I really, really appreciate it!

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