Shopping and Planning

fabric shopping

I love making plans. Executing them is a different story, but I love to turn an idea into a concept and into an actual plan. One idea can venture into so many different directions!

Obviously, sewing offers a lot of room for planning and it may be my favourite part about it. Remember the Wardrobe Architect series by Sarai from Colette Patterns? I loved it. All the worksheets, the colour palettes – a dream! I also planned a capsule wardrobe for summer, but I only finished a couple of items that were on the list… Maybe she was too big? I don’t know. When something is on my mind for too long, it starts to get boring, and I turn towards other things. So even though I love exact planning, there always has to be some room for spontaneity and improvisation, that keep the motivation going.

So for this winter, I only have some vague plans. I do have some garments planned, I even have bought some fabric already (+ using some from my stash). But I don’t have a concrete idea, no master-plan. Every trip to a fabric store could bring up new ideas and I’ll welcome them with open arms. Let’s see if I find time for sewing in the next weeks!

Speaking of fabric stores – this photos are from my personal fabric heaven/hell. This store is just outside Vienna, it takes me an hour to get there, but it’s so worth it…. If you know approximatley what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices and confused by the offers – Try to find a fabric where the tag tells you its fibre content and then try to find it again. But the  prices are unbeatable. Seriously. You want to know what I got? Take a look at my instagram! (Dark green worsted wool made in Huddersfield, England for 4€/meter? Check!)


fabric shopping

rainbow colours



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