white bag school project

Much needed holidays started today and I’ll spend the next week visiting my family. But before I try to completely forget school for a bit (not quite, I have some things to do for it over the holidays), I thought I’d show you some pictures of recent school projects.

The first one is the bag that will be sold at the Christmas market. The theme was ‘lines’ and I incorporated this by sewing irregular tucks into the front panel of the bag. The pattern of the bag was somewhat self-drafted, but super basic. My favourite thing about the whole bag is definitely the lining…

white bag lining

Next up was a skirt. Again, super simple and, honestly, not really a challenge for me. We self drafted the pattern (we made way more sophisticated ones than his so far, not sewn though) and had only limited design options, as the goal was to get also unexperienced students the joy of satisfaction without too much trouble.

I chose a mini skirt, just slighty flared, with an attached waistband. I made sure that the stripes where matching up and everything, but it wasn’t difficult. I learned some new techniques though, like adding something like a pre-cut waistband instead of interfacing just a piece of your fabric or two different ways of sewing an invisible zipper. Most of these things we actually learn in a different subject, though. And all raw edges are finished with a serger, which is great. The button is still missing, just like the hole for it, because we’re using a special machine for it and our teacher wanted to explain it to a bunch of people, so I have to wait a bit. But once it’s completely finished, I can show you pictures of me actually wearing the skirt – which I will do for sure.

basic skirt school project

basic skirt inside school project

The next thing are trousers, I’m currently basting them together… Very excited about them!

In another class, we are now working on a a small capsule collection we will make after Christmas, but I can’t show you anything yet. But in draping, we are also working on skirts and trying out how one can manipulate just one piece of fabric into a skirt… Lots of folds and gathers and volume! I also played with some paper :) I really love draping, it’s so organic and natural, it’s just like playing with fabric really.

draping, fashion school

draping, fashion school

draping, fashion school

And one last thing… A pop of colour at the end! Here is something that is not related to school, something I made in August for my sister: The skirt and top combination made out of fabric from Uganda. I think it turned out quite well and she likes it too, it’s just too cold to wear it now – She’ll have to wait for next summer!

matchy matchy

Have a nice weekend!


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