Welcome to the Moor

moor 3

Before I got sick last week, I visited the Wenger Moor, north of Salzburg. Part of it is ‘original’, the rest has been restored to its natural state in the 80ies and 90ies. It was very beautiful and very eerie at the same time. I also loved the view – the moor is located in the flat areas of Salzburg, but one can see the alps with their snowy peaks in the distance. I really miss the mountains here in Vienna!

But all in all, a very special place,  I even saw a roe deer, hiding behind the trees, chewing on some grass or leaves. I always feel strangely touched by these nartural and unspoiled places, like old forests or moors, I can’t say why. Maybe because they remind of all the places that only exist in fairy tales and fantasy novels – the dark woods full of strange creatures, the white spots on the map, the unexplored areas… I’m a dreamer, you know? :)

Anyway, I’d love to return to the Wenger moor one day: Autumn already left his marks, I wonder how it looks like in spring or summer.

moor 2





Have a nice weekend!


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