The Mixology Collection

I present you the second Lassemista Collection, Mixology. Again, just a very small one, even smaller than the first one, just seven pieces – but my illness left me with little time to complete my goal.

So, the name already suggests it: It’s all about mixing. Different fabrics, different patterns, organic and moving shapes, all tied together with bead- and sequin-embellishments. To make the collection even more coherent, I used a restricted colour palette: red, blue and white, with some dashes of purple and black. Enjoy!

Look 1 – A simple A-line dress with a boat-neckline, together with a leather belt, embellished with beads and sequins in various shapes and colours.




Look 2 – A sleeveless top with an embellished and embroidered neckline and armholes together with a wide skirt. The skirt is tight at the hips and flares out, producing multiple pleats and changes its shape constantly. It is embellished with beads and sequins at one side.




Look 3 – A simple A-line dress with an embellished neckline, together with a broad leather belt.




Look 4 – A short dress with multiple pleats and loose shapes hanging from tthe actual bodice, embellished at the neckline and both sides with beads and sequins in various shapes and colours.




Look 5 – A wide, loose dress with a pleat at the neckline, pointy hem and ruched and embellished sides. The vest is made out of three different fabrics and fully lined. It has no closures, so it would need to be worn with a belt. Also please note that the dress is made for fuller-busted dolls, so it is actually a bit too big for Dynamite Girls!




Look 6 – A fake-fur top with parts of the back made out of the same fabris as the skirt, which has a pointy shape and is ruched and embellished at the sides.




Look 7 – A short dress with an inserted panel made out of contrasting fabric and an irregular hem – the front is straight, the back is pointy and one side is ruched. The seam between the two fabrics is embellished with blue sequins. A fake-fur-wrap completes the look.




Thank you for watching!

If you are interested in buying one of the outfits, send me an e-mail (elentari95 AT yahoo DOT com) to recieve more information.



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