Just a quick update:

Concerning school, I’m about to finish my trousers. All that is left is hemming, a button and a buttonhole. It is my first pair ever and I’m super proud of it. It fits perfectly! I’ll show you pictures soon, together with some of the skirt – it will get a buttonhole on Tuesday as well. The two pictures in this post are from our weaving class. These are pieces our teacher made, I don’t know if we’ll ever attempt this, maybe next semester. I really enjoyed weaving, maybe I’ll choose it as my main focus for next year?

Otherwise, there isn’t much going on in school, so I have time for some sewing at home. I’m halfway finished with a bagpipe-bag for my brother – we still need to discuss strap-placement together. And I’m also sewing a dress for myself, in fact it’s The Wiggle Dress from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I already made the gussets, they were not difficult at all (thanks to Gertie’s great tutorial on her blog), all that needs to be done now is sewing front to back, add facings and hem the dress. I hope it will be finished this weekend.

Also, my father visited me the last couple of days, which was quite fun: We went to an auction of antiques and talked about what we would buy and what we wouldn’t even want if it was a present. The auction was actually quite exciting, some pieces didn’t sell, but there was a (antique) golden chinese coffepot from the 18.Jh, which sold for 300.000€, while its starting price was 30.000€ – wow!

And one last thing – my doll family welcomed the newest addition today…. a big addition :) I’ll show you pictures of her soon!



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