Meet Adriana


Please welcome Adriana, my first ‘big’ doll – 40cm! She is a FR16, Anais McNight “Fit to Print”. My new Latin beauty… Her size is really something I’m not yet used to. She’s just so big! Only her feet are to small, when compared to the rest of her body. But I love that they have an extra joint, which allows her to wear both flat and high-heeled shoes.

I’m very excited to make some clothes for her – so much more details are possible! And I can use heavier fabrics than for the small dolls, which is another advantage. I bought her nude, so she definitely needs clothes soon :)

But actually I got her for a very special project I’ll start next year.. I don’t want to reveal anything yet, but it has something to do with travelling and sports. Just wait and see! :)






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