Chanel Paris – Salzburg


I don’t normaly write about fashion here on the blog. I mean, I get excited about upcoming shows and love to watch fahionshow videos (I’ve watched my favourites 100 times at least) and analyse the collections, but I’m not a fashion blogger. And I don’t think there is the need for another person to talk about a recent collection, anyone can take a look at the clothes themselves and doesn’t need to read another opinion about them.

That being said, I must say that this time it’s different. This time, today actually, Chanel hosted its annual Métiers d’Art show in Salzburg, my hometown. I never thought that would happen. If Karl Lagerfeld decided to show in Austria, he’d choose Vienna, I was sure of it. Well, I was wrong. The show was held at the Schloss Leopoldskron – I’ve been invited for Christmas parties there every year as long as I can remember. And the dinner on Monday evening before the the big day was at the Peterskeller – I lived right above it before we moved 5 (or 6?) years ago.

So of course I was excited to see what Karl would create, how he would be inspired by Salzburg and the Austrian culture and about the presentation in front of this beautiful backdrop. And I must say, I’m impressed. I didn’t love everything I saw (some things were just too kitschy), but most were absolutely perfect.

The long coats. The short jackets with the interesting button details. The embroidered lapels. The almost military trousers. The boots. The short Lederhosen in every colour. The high collars. The feathered butterflies. The long, black dresses at the end and especially the white finale dress.

It is a truly beautiful collection and I think it captures the essence of Austrian, no, let’s say Salzburg’s culture: We are incredibly proud of our heritage and our beautiful city. We love that we are so close to nature, to the Alps, but at the same time we are sophisticated and important when it comes to culture and music. What lacks us is probably the irony – we think of us as incredibly important, while in fact we are just such a small city. But Lagerfeld brought some of the irony back with this collection and seeing the clothes just warmed my heart. I really do miss my hometown – for once something is happening and I’m not there anymore :). It’s hard to describe, but I’d say I’m just proud of Salzburg, with all her beauty and all her faults.




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