The Wiggle Dress

wiggle dress1

Another garment from Gertie`s New Book for Better Sewing is finished: The Wiggle Dress! I wanted to make it as soon as I layed my eyes onto this pattern,. The reason why it took me so long are the underarm gussets. They frightened me too much, so I never tried :). Until now and I’m so glad I did try them, as they weren’t hard to sew at all. Though I must say, that Gertie’s tutorial on her blog helped a lot – I’m not sure if I would have understood them otherwise. Also, I just realised that I haven’t included a picture of them here – I didn’t take one. On one gusset, the corners don’t meet up exactly, but otherwise they’re great – look good and do what they are suposed to do – give your arms the freedom they need :).

 wiggle dress2

Some technical aspects: The fabric is a cotton satin with a bit of stretch that I bought a couple of years ago. The pattern is very busy and therefore also quite forgiving – it completely hides all the seams, and I’m not 100% sure if all my darts really have the same length…

 wiggle dress3

I was to lazy to make a muslin for this dress and I just sewed it right as it came. I know, one should never do that, but I think I have adopted that from school – we never make muslins, but only because the patterns are drafted after our measurements! Anyway, the upper part was perfect, but I went at least a size down at the hips and maybe half a size at the waist. I removed all the exess fabric from the side seams and didn’t bother about the darts – again, a bit careless, but I was running out of time. I wanted to wear it on Thursday for my sister’s birthday and it was already Monday… I was hemming the sleeves and the hem in school on Tuesday.

 wiggle dress4

Due to this lack of time I also didn’t change the neckline anymore – It’s too tight, it hits my throat at a point were it’s already uncomfortable. But I did shorten the dress, I think about 5 cm.

 wiggle dress5

I think that is all I can say about this dress for now. I will certainly sew the pattern again – maybe in a fabric that doesn’t stick to my tights? I can’t really wear it during the winter – also because of the low neckline in the back – without a jacket it’s too cold, but why hide this beautiful detail? :)



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