Last-Minute Gift: Fabric Baskets

fabric baskets1

Are you still looking for Christmas gifts? Maybe something handmade, something that is quick and easy to sew and requires only a small amount of fabric (perfect for stashbusting)?

Well, maybe you want to try these little fabric baskets. They are perfect for storing small things, wether it’s in your sewing studio or bathroom. And you can easily make them in various sizes and play around with different colour combinations and unexpected patterns. Another plus is that they come together quickly – they also work as last-minute gifts! For the baskets, first of all, you’ll need your template. Depending on the size you want, your measurements might vary, but mine (for the grey one) were:



Keep in mind that you want to fold the top over, so don’t make it too short!

fabric baskets2

Now cut your pieces out of the fabric of your choice, using the template as your guide. Don’t forget to add seam allowances! Also, cut out some fusible interfacing and adhere it to the wrong side of your pieces (I only had pink interfacing left…).


Next, sew the side seam and the bottom shut. Remember to leave an opening at the bottom on one of the pieces. Then take the two corners of the rectangle you cut out earlier and join them together, in order to form a right angle to the bottom. Get what I mean?

fabric baskets3

fabric baskets4

Repeat that on the other side and other piece and press all the seams. Next, put one piece into the other, so that both their right sides are facing each other – only the interfaced sides are visible. Sew the two top edges together and flip the pieces, so that the wrong sides are on the inside: Pull one piece through the gap on the bottom of the other one.

fabric baskets5

Sew the gap shut (either by hand or with the machine) and topstitch the edge. Press and you’re done!

fabric baskets6


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