365 photos

Before I show you the pictures of the last week of 2014, I have to tell you something… Something embarrassing: All the pictures for this project are in one folder on my laptop and instead of 365, there are 366 in it. I don’t know which is the ‘double’ day, I’ve looked at all the dates and everything, but I don’t find the mistake… Personally, I wouldn’t say no to an additional day! :) But let’s have a look at the pictures – All about Christmas and the first snow of the year! I’ll check back later this week with a holiday recap and an outlook for 2015, so stay tuned!


23.12.2014 – tapestry


24.12.2014 – a walk on the Kapuzinerberg before the celebration in the evening


25.12.2014 – Schloss Leopoldskron


26.12.2014 – first snow! (just a bit on the roofs)


27.12.2014 – gingerbread, biscuits and Bremer Klaben (from my Uncle)


28.12.2014 – We took our sledge to the Krauthügel and played with our niece in the snow


29.12.2014 – Now that I call snow, not that tiny bit of white from the day before!


30.12.2014 – Christmas ornaments – a dragonfly and an eggplant


31.12.2014 – A walk in the knee-deep snow on the last day of 2014. Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “365 photos

  1. Jane Eldridge says:

    I have to laugh when I compare this to my first day of 2015 in Sydney…….with me whinging about the heat ( about 38 C) . It’s hard to believe we live on the same planet! Lovely photos by the way! Happy New year. Jane

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