Holiday Recap


Christmas holidays are nearly over, I’m back in Vienna and enjoying the last free days. I really love the Christmas holidays, they are my favourite ones. I just love how the whole family comes together, everyone is excited and there is this special, festive atmosphere.

I had school until th 23rd and the train to Salzburg was completely full – lots of people had to stand, everyone wanted to get home for Christmas! Luckily, I had a seat later on and when I arrived in Salzburg, the waggon was nearly empty.

This year, I decided to give homemade gifts only: My sisters got a screen-printed t-shirt and a easy knit-dress, my brother and his family got screen-printed pillow-cases and my parents got a quilt – that was quite an adventure! It isn’t perfect, but I’m happy with it and they really liked it, so that is all that counts! Because I ran out of time, I sewed the binding on in the night of the 23rd and packed everything on the 24th… But I was finished in time for the celebration in the evening.

The rest of the holidays consisted of eating a lot, taking long walks (I still think I gained some kilos), reading and watching movies. Silvester was quiet this year, I just stayed at home and watched the spectacle and the big firework from the window.

For most people in the northern hemisphere, what would be Christmas without snow? We got that as well, on the 26th – a bit late, but better than never.






I hope you had wonderful holidays as well and a good start into 2015!


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