Once upon a time….


You may remember this dress from my Christmas-post, but today I wanted to show you more of it and tell you the story behind it.

I don’t know how often I have declared my love for Dolce&Gabbana on this blog already, but let me tell you once more: Each of their collection just blows me away. I love how they mix their heritage with these beautiful, ladylike cuts and silhouettes. I love how it is often about covering instead of revealing and how they ignore trends and create their own, magical world.

Especially magic was their winter 2014 collection – set in an enchanted forest, Domenico and Stefano sent faries, critters and princesses down the runway. A stunning finale dress closed this beautiful show before knights in shiny armour took over the stage for the grande finale.

By chance, I stumbled upon a similar fabric as the finale dress in my beloved fabric store here in Vienna and because it was very thin and slightly sheer, I knew it would be perfect for doll clothes. Adriana was still naked in her boxed, so I decided that this Dolce&Gabbana inspired dress would be her first garment – fit for a queen, you know ? :)

I made the dress with an empire waistline and an enormous gathered skirt to create the desired volume. Because the fabric is so thin, it still moves beautifully. The cape is attached to the neckline of the dress and glides over her bare shoulders. The dress is not an exact replica, but an interpretation of the real one.

I took the pictures in the garden, to get the same feeling the collection evoked – a beautiful princess alone in the wild, untamed nature, not waiting for rescue, but being strong and independend and capable to look after herself.





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