After a year filled with skies and then a picture a day, I wanted a new weekly feature. 365 photos was really fun, but also a challenge and I was too lazy to do the same thing for another year. What could I do? I remembered that Marina from Enchated Doll did something like ‘sketch of the week’ and as I have 3 notebooks filled with sketches (and many loose sheets), I decided to do that as well.

It was not an easy desicion. I don’t want to show off, you know? I’m not posting the pictures because I think I’m a great artist (I’m not), but because this blog is about “things that I do, things that I make and things that inspire me”. And I do draw a lot, mostly from images – I see these notebooks as a collection of inspiration, gathering images that inspire me. And instead of having them in countless folders on my computer or in magazines and books, I want them to be in one place – my sketchbooks. Also, they are always my own intepretation – I don’t try to paint every fold, every shadow or even the same colours. It’s more about the finished picture as a whole… and about the joy of playing with pencils and colour!

So let’s start with the first sketch in my first sketchbook, bought in Venice. This one is for last week!


15.07.2010 – I don’t really rememer the intention behind this one

And the latest sketch… five years later!


10.01.2015 – Lena Hoschek winter 2014/2015, Femme Totale


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