Moving… again


Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Yes, you guessed right… I’m currently packing so that I can move tomorrow, after just 4 1/2 months in this flat. Actually, I’ll be moving twice in the next month: My new room (in a flat shared with two other girls – still strangers, I’ve never met the second girl, as one is moving out and there isn’t a new one yet) won’t be free until the middle of February, so I’ll be staying at my brother’s, my sister’s and at home (during the holidays), before I’ll finally settle into the new flat in a month. All very complicated, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Also, there were other options, all available sooner, but the girls in this paticular flat seemed really nice and decided very quickly that I could have the room. So of course I said yes, even if that means going back and forth between different places for four weeks.

Why am I even moving out? Well the house is being sold, so I really have no choice! But honestly, the flat had some issues, in addition to being really cold (no real heating) and quite damp. When these two factors come together, you can imagine what happens. Let’s just say the drawings I hung on the wall survived, after some frantic attempts to save them. I might have stayed until summer, but never another winter.

Of course, it was a beautiful house, with a garden, very quiet (and remote) area… But all that is in the past now anyway. Today will be my last night here and a new chapter begins… And I’m really excited about it! Once I’m finished with all the packing :)


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