Schloss Schönbrunn


Nearly exactly a year ago I visited Schönbrunn for the first time. Even though it is such an important building for Austria’s history, it took me 18 years to see it in person. It was last February, during the golden hour, just before the gates of the park closed. I was so touched by seeing it. It is so much larger than expected (though coming back now I must say I remembered it to be bigger), there were few people, everything was very clam, very quiet, very…. relaxing.

So today I returned. I recently moved and now the bus takes me past its gates every day, when I go to and return from school. Today I decided hop off the bus and take a stroll again: To see if things had changed, if everything was how I remembered it. This time, I didn’t walk up to the Gloriette (the gates were closing in half an hour), so I just wandered around, taking some pictures, like a tourist :). I know I’ll visit the park more often now – I live so close to it, it would be a waste not to do it. I envision myself on a bench there, in the summer, with a good book, sunglasses and a bottle of water. Or with some homework, or preparing for an upcoming test. There will be more people than there were today, but still, the atmosphere will be just as enchanting. Especially during the golden hour.

schloss schönbrunn





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