Wardrobe Architect 2015


Last year’s Wardrobe Architect Series by Coletterie was immensly helpful to me. It helped me clearly figuering out what I want and what I don’t like, what suits me and my lifestyle and what are essentials in my closet. I started with a pretty good picture of all this already, but the series helped me thinking more about my style and my clothes. I ended the series with attempting the capsule wardrobe – and failed. I wanted to sew too many projects than I was capable to tackle and while it was fun to scheme and map everything out, I started to loose interest in this concept. Why restrict myself to wear not all of the clothes from my closet, if I like them all?

wardrobe screenshot

New year, new try. There is a new installment of the series now, refreshing the concept and giving even more examples than last year. Once again, I’m following along, trying to re-define my style: It has evolved and matured and I think that now I’m finally on the right track.

I used to love two very differnt styles: One was glamorous, sensual, womanly and the other one was slim, androgynous, menswear-inspired. These two don’t go that well together, which I soon realised. My mood-board didn’t make much sense, the two concepts were just too contradicting. In my class in fashionschool, there are a couple of girls who truly live a very tomboyish style. You just won’t see them in high-waisted skirts. And that helped me I realised what I should do: All in or nothing. And I chose nothing when it comes to androgynous clothes.

I still have my men’s shirts and my beloved MMMxH&M men’s shoes. If paired in the right way, they look much more sensual than skimpy dress and slinky tops. I’m not going for a sexy look, I think covering parts of your body is often so much more seductive than showing them. I love how menswear worn by women can play with expectations and look so chic.

So this year, I’m really going for this mix. Still incooperaing menswear, but in a different way. I updated my inspirational pictures on my computer (see above, click for larger image) and also added pictures that convey certain moods or show colour combinations that I love. Going through these images makes me happy, it’s so much more ‘me‘ than it was before.


So I did part I of the series – finding a core style and exporing shapes. I went through all the old worksheets again, re-writing my answers and trying to find ‘my’ words. The three most important ones are feminine, classic and dark (colour+mysterious=dramatic) and the additional ones are sensual, textured and dandy. They are similar to last year’s words, but more refined and describe what I’m going for in a better way.

Equipped with these words and a better understanding of my style, I did the February challenge: Taking inventory and cleaning out. As I was moving in January and Februray it was a good time to really go through my closet and throw everything out that I don’t wear anymore.

The first picture is my closet before the purge, sometime last summer. Many garments you see there are not in my posession anymore: The two dresses at the left, for example. Or the leopard jacket. Or the folded red cardigan with the white dots, as well as the khaki coloured one. I gave most of the things to my sister and if she didn’t like them, I donated them.

The inventory sheets were really helpful for this process. I realized that I have way to many tops and not enough bottoms. That I haven’t worn some items in ages, but that they are still too important to let go of them (I’m giving them another summer, but that’s the deadline.). That I definitely love blue. And that it feels so good to have more room and free space.


In March, we will be planning sewing projects for spring – I love planning, so I can’t wait! Are you participating as well? Give it a try, it’s so worth it!



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