Textured Textiles


One of the words I chose for this years Wardrobe Architect challenge was ‘textured’. I really love interesting fabrics and texture is actually more imprtant to me than colour or a printed pattern. It just adds so much more depth and it isn’t obvious in a way. I think I have that from my father, who collects antique textiles, tapestries and carpets. I got all my books about different fibers, old patterns, soft furnishing and textiles from around the world from him!

Also, have you seen Dries Van Noten’s latest womenswear collection yet? It is a dream of embroideries, embellishments and clever fabric manipulations. It’s so rich, filled with beautiful textiles, which are paired with plain cotton chino for contrast, I’m really in love with the whole collection. Those brocades, those sequins, those scarab wings! So much inspiration, Dries Van Noten always has some of the best ideas.

Anyways, it really made me want to play around with some textured fabrics and I actually have some pretty nice ones in my stash. The blue-grey-taupe-brown one you can see in the picture above is actually already a skirt. I made it in January, using my self drafted skirt pattern. I have worn it several times already, in fact I’m wearing it right now as I’m typing this. There isn’t much to say about this skirt, only that the fabric is awesome – a wool blend I picked up at my favourite fabric store last November.

The yellow-black one is a skirt from my Grandmother and I’m currently altering it. It is a classic pencil skirt with a vent in the back, but at least a size to big – I’m taking it in at the side seams and may change the darts a bit as well. Also, it will get a new waistband. Once I’m finished, I’ll post some pictures, as this fabric deserves better lightning!

And lastly, the third one…. I’m planning to make a simple cropped jacket out of it, with no closures or anything. It will have raglan sleeves and a lining though. I already printed the pattern (from this book) and taped it all together. Making a muslin is next, and then I’ll tackle this fabric. I’m really excited about this one and I think there will be enough fabric left to make a high-waisted mini out of it… I love sets! :)

Do you have anything sewing-related planned for the upcoming weeks?


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