On a side note

No pictures in this post, because that’s what this is all about!

I originally started this blog as another possibility, next to flickr, to share a hobby of mine: collecting fashion dolls. I knew from the beginning that I would also post other things, such as sewing projects, traveling and exploring nature, about my education (fashionschool, back then I would have added eventually :)), anything really that was worth blogging about and fit into some limited categories.

I knew that it would be a personal blog, but not overly personal – you might know what I did last Friday, but not whom I was with for example. I’m not sharing that much about my private life, but I do share a lot about myself, if that makes any sense (If you read my blog, you’ll know what I’m talking about anyway).

So my main goal for this blog is that it is authentic. It should represent me, what I’m doing, what I’m excited about, etc. It has to be filled with original content, that’s really important to me. And that’s also why I’m stopping to post the Integrity Toys promotional pictures of new dolls.

It’s not like they’re paying me – I just thought the pictures might interest some of my readers (+ myself) and that’s why I posted them. They were very convenient – when there were gaps in my blogging schedule, IT would often help me out with the release of new pictures. But now I feel that they are watering down the whole content of my blog – just throwing them out there without much further information is just too easy and so I decided to stop. There are other blogs out there where you can find these pictures, but just not here on Lassemista anymore.

Basically that’s all I wanted to say with this post, but this one paragraph turned into several ones! Oh well, bear with me. Just me in the future and as much good content as possible. I hope you understand, but it’s not really a big deal. I just wanted to let you know…. I’ll be back after the weekend with some very exciting posts, definitely stay tuned, I’m not kidding. I hope the pictures will turn out well…!


One thought on “On a side note

  1. Jane Eldridge says:

    Thanks for letting me know……I must say though, I’m a little disappointed. But that’s ok. I read your blog because of the content. I find it very interesting……all of the topics. So I’ll still be here!!!!! Jane

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