London Impressions


I never really had a favourite city, but I think London takes this place now. I love the energy, the coolness, how relaxed everyone is, but you can still feel the pulse and the progress. And I love the architecture – so diverse! My favourites are the houses in Kensington, were we stayed, with their white entrances, oriels and balconies. Also, London is so green! Of course, there are the big parks, but there is also s much greenery in the front gardens and the private gardens in the open areas between the buildings.

I think instead of telling you what we did exactly, I’ll just show you the pictures – I took many, many and here are just some. Still, this is just part one of you London experience, part 2 will follow next week. Maybe I’ll choose a different format then, but I don’t really feel like writing a lot at the moment.



The Victoria & Albert museum – from the outside and from the inside.

natural history museum

The Natural History Museum – just next door. Looks like Hogwarts or something.

picadilly circus

Picadilly Circus – that’s were the party started (so many people)

covent garden

Covent Garden by night

london eye

London Eye and the Thames

big ben

Spooky Big Ben shortly after Midnight (and a sneaky underground sign)

Royal albert hall

Royal Albert Hall and red London bus

Kensington palace

Kensington Palace – very unspectacular, I expected something grander

Peter Pan

Peter Pan statue in Kensington gardens (too cute)

Kensington Gardens

‘Italian Garden’

Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery architecture


food stall in front of the gallery (we had already eaten at a Libanese restaurant, delicious!)


flower crowns at Topshop in Oxford Street


Real flowers at Harrods

the wicked stepmother

The Wicked Stepmother at the Harrods’ window display.


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