Sepang, Malaysia


Creating a garment that would represent Malysia was a bit more difficult than the one for Australia. I started with researching the country, the people, the traditions, but nothing sparked real inspiration. I did note down that the national flower is the hibiscus and the colour is red – I wanted to incooperate these two elemants into the design, I just didn’t quite know how.

What finally made the decision for me was a fabric. I got the beautiful piece from my sister, and while I’m not completely sure whether it’s from Sulawesi (Indonesia) or Kuala Lumpur (Malyasia), I know that it comes from this area. So I made a high waisted pencil skirt out of it, that is covered in red chiffon ‘petals’, with some turquoise tulle underneath to give it more support and changing colours. Changing colours indeed! My camera struggled to capture the different shades of red and sometimes just blurred them… oh, well. When Adriana stands still, the light fabric covers the brocade, but when she moves, the beautiful skirt makes an appearance.

The asymmetrical top is made out of the crepe chiffon as well. There is sublte embroidery and some sequins, to add a bit more glamour. The raw edges of the fabric create soft lines, that mimic the lightness of a hibiscus flower. Generally, the whole outfit should be very light and airy, as the weather conditions are hot and humid in Malaysia right now. A fun coincidence is that red is of course also the colour of Ferrari…








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