London, the second

Liberty London

I was in London 2 (already!) weekends ago – I already showed you pictures from Friday and Saturday, here is Sunday and Monday – we left at 5 to get to the airport in time and we were just in time.

On Sunday, we visited Camden market. At first, I was a bit disappointed and then, once we entered the Market Hall and the surrounding area, I was completely overwhelmed. So many things to look at, so many different smells from all the food stalls and so many people. We relaxed a bit at the Inpiral Lounge, a raw vegan cafe. I had chia pudding with coconut milk and fruits (it was basically my breakfast) and while it was delicious, it was really… heavy. I could barely finish my small bowl and was was completely full for the rest of the day. A bit too full, every time I look at the picture now I feel a bit uneasy.

So I did not eat anything from the food that was offered, though everything looked very tempting. We continued exploring Camden, including Cyberdog, of course. Afterwards, we drove back to Oxford street and went (among other stores) into Topshop again. This time I bought something for myself (the first time I just got earrings for my sister): A simple denim dress, something I have been looking for for a very long time (but I will not wear it with a turteneck underneath). It was the last in my size, that was lucky! I did buy some other things as well, tea at Harrods for my parents, a dvd for my sister, the Savage Beauty exhibition catalogue for myself and Liberty fabrics (at Shaukat actually, not at the real Liberty store, which is pictures above)! You can see them here.

We decided that we should go to Buckingham Palace as well, so we strolled down Regent Street, passed Picadilly Circus and continued on the Mall, until we reached the Palace at sunset. (The Queen was apparently at home, as the flag was hoisted).

And that was it! We got back to our hotel via underground, were I miracously had to recharge my oyster card and my friend not (we started with the same amount of money and always went everywhere together). And then, after a short night’s sleep, we got up early to catch the train back to Stanstead airport… Only that there was no tube so early in the morning, so we had to take a cab (again: On our way from the airport to London, the train had a problem and stopped in Harlow town and we had to take a taxi to the nearest underground station. Then, on Friday evening, we missed the last tube (it was 00:30, for god’s sake) and had to take a cab back to our hotel, because no bus drove to were we needed to go.). But at least we saw the Tower Bridge and the Gherkin – we didn’t have time to see them by day, but illuminated an all they looked probably even better. So a good ending after all!

Camden Dock








Liverpool Station


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