Sachir, Bahrain


For the Bahrain outfit, I researched quite a bit about the country, the culture, the landscape and the political situation. The Bahrain Grand Prix was often controversial, protests accompanied it, especially in recent years. Still, Adriana decided to go, because of the challenge and she wouldn’t want to miss the race!

Adriana wears a long-sleeved, off-shoulder t-shirt, which has a sweetheart neckline, boxy fit and is cropped. She matches it with high waisted and (again) cropped culottes – a trend I don’t actually love, but I think they work in this outfit. The fabric is very lightweight and falls nicely and they look better in real life than here in the pictures. A scarf wrapped around her head completes the look.

It is a very simple outfit, the fabrics are everything. I tried to capture a kind of nomadic feeling, something Adriana might also wear for a night in a tent in the desert. Light fabrics, earth colours and a simple silhouette create  the effect I tried to achieve.







2 thoughts on “Sachir, Bahrain

  1. Taswegian1957 says:

    I have to admit that I totally forgot this race was on until I saw your post so went hurrying off to see who won. Not excited by the fact that Lewis is winning everything.
    I too am not a fan of culottes but I think that they do work for this outfit and I can imagine Adriana out in the desert wearing it. It would be quite practical for the climate I think and I do like the red and white top.

    • elentari95 says:

      Thanks! I usually miss Bahrain, because it is often during the Easter holidays… Not too exciting this time, but in the end it got better! (And I totally agree with you on Hamilton)

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