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new fabric

And I thought I would have time in the next couple of weeks… But an opportunity has turned up I simply could not ignore: I’m helping with the preparation for the Life Ball 2015! And possibly also with those for the Eurivision Songcontest, which is a week later than the Life Ball.

Our school teamed up with the Life Ball for the past years, giving them volunteers and we students receive insight into the production, practical use of what we learned, internship hours (we have to complete 160 hours of internship(s) in total in order to be allowed to make the diploma) and, if we help regularly and work hard, we’ll help at the Ball and get tickets for it. So, of course I wanted to do it! This year the designer for the fashion show is Jean Paul Gaultier, so that’s super exciting, I can’t wait for it.

I’ve been helping there on Wednesday and yesterday and will be there the whole Saturday – from 10am to 8pm or possibly longer. The next weeks will probably have the same schedule. So far, I did a lot of painting, but that’s finished now and I’m curious what will be next. Only 3 weeks to go, everyone is getting slightly nervous…

For the Song Contest, it is not yet clear what our duties will be, I guess it will be all about dressing people at the actual event and being there behind the scenes. Once the time comes, I’ll tell you more!

So, obviously busy times are ahead! School isn’t yet over either and our teachers really don’t care how much else we do in our free time.  Especially the Life Ball will take up a lot of it. But I volunteered to do it, I just think it’s a great opportunity for me. I’ve always watched the Life Ball in television and my dream was always to attend it one day. Who new that it would be this year?

But I still plan to do some sewing for myself, on top of it all (at least I’ll try). I actually have finished a skirt recently, I’m in the middle of making the Asaka kimono and I already made the first muslin for a cropped jacket, tweaking it for a perfect fit. I also forbade myself to buy any new fabric before I haven’t at least finished five garments from my to-sew-list…. I just bought too much in the last month and I can’t sew it up all. In the picture you can see parts of my last purchase: A beautiful fabric (no idea about fibre content, haven’t tested it yet) with a woven pattern in violet and peacock green, which reminds me of the azetcs. Underneath lies a stretch denim in a cloudy indigo – it was a remnant, I hope there is enough for a pair of jeans.

Please forgive me if I won’t post that much in the next weeks. There are many exciting things going on right now and I don’t know how often I’ll have time to post some new content or take some pictures!


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