I’ll be back soon!


This is the reason why I have been silent these past days – I’ve worked for the Life Ball over 100 hours already, all next to school (accountancy test!) and first preparations for  the Eurovision Songcontest. The ball is on saturday, so two more days of sheer madness and then a super lazy sunday – I’ll probably be asleep the whole day. I still have to finish my own costume for the ball as well – I’m recreating the dress from Klimt’s ‘Bildnis Emilie Flöge’ and currently I’m covered in sequins (and gold colour and all types of glue imaginable).

Once everything is over, I’ll be more active here on my blog again. I know, I still haven’t posted the Spain pictures, but I didn’t have time to finish Adriana’s costume. I will, though, and I’ll blog about it as soon as possible. Sadly, I didn’t even see the Grand Prix, except for its start, but everyone has to sacrifice something for the Life Ball!

I’ll be back soon, check my instagram for immediate updates (saturday night) on everything!


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