Life Ball 2015

Life Ball

The Life Ball 2015 is history already, but I still feel its impact – after working ca. 160 hours (next to school) in the last month, I’m still exhausted. But so happy! Going to the Life Ball one day was one of my big dreams. I never thought I could fulfil it as soon as this year, but I’m beyond happy I could. It really was an amazing experience. One could feel the joy, the happiness, there was so much creativity… truly a celebration of life!

In the last month, I worked in the costume departement – making, fitting, repairing and changing existing costumes for the opening ceremony of the ball. We made all the hats and painted all the dresses for the 100 (x2) debutants, the armour for the Sacrani (fitting the ballet dancers was… fun and unnerving), the wings for the angels (over 200 swarovski crystals on each wing), the costumes for the artists on the two carts, the Beethovenfries also needed some changes and tweaks… A lot of work – A lot of spray-painting (mostly gold), glueing (hot glue guns and textile glue forever), using shellac and wood glue to harden the hats…. It was exhausting, tiring, fun, rewarding… maybe even the best month of my life? At least since I came to Vienna… I met some fantastic people, got to know others better, shared many laughs and just knew – this is what I want to do, it’s were I belong – with the creatives, the people who have a vision, who work hard for this few moments that stay in your memories forever. I’m grateful I got this assurance that I’m on the right path with my education.

So, see you next year, Life Ball! I’m looking forward to the next theme… maybe something aztec inspired? That is my first guess, we’ll see what Gerry Keszler will come up with… It will be spectacular, that’s for sure!

Life Ball - make-up

life Ball - debutants

life ball - angels

Conchita's Adele dress

Life Ball - Athena

Life Ball - break

life ball - town hall


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