Eurovision Songcontest 2015

esc - sweden

(No way to get a picture of Måns Zelmerlöw, but champagne sprayed over the walls of his booth)

Oh, the Songcontest….. I used to watch it sometimes as a kid, then last year when Conchita won – and this year, I was actually there, backstage!

I got inside through my school – they provided volunteers for the ESC and I jumped at the opportunity – I would be there the week after the Life Ball, so there would be enough time for it. I was responsible for dressing the  girls of the ‘Magic Bridge’, ca. 50 dancers. They wore glittering party dresses, jumpsuits and some even historical costumes – the only ones that needed real help to get the dresses on.

Our days looked mostly like this: Arriving, having lunch, waiting, dressing (for the rehearsals), waiting, undressing, waiting, dressing, watching the show (semi finals or jury-shows) and finally undressing. So much time in between! The first few days were really boring, all we did was getting food and hot drinks from the snack bar (a running joke) and watching the shows on screen in the evenings.

But on Friday, things started to get more interesting and serious. It was the jury-final, so the Big 5 + Australia and Austria would perform for the first time. More people arrived, there was a certain tension and excitement in the air. After we finished dressing the dancers, myself and two other girls hung around in the delegation area, listening to the artists practicing and spotting some of them… Including The Makemakes, the band representing Austria. And as it happens they actually joined us on the white sofas, playing their guitars and waiting for their performance. As you pobably know, they ended up receiving zero points, but they certainly were my winners, hearing them play live, being so nice and everything.

The Songcontest was definitely an experience, a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I wasn’t that into it at the beginning, but once you’re there you get infected by all the excitement and the buzz. I’m kind of kicking myself for not taking more pictures of the event, pictures that capture the atmosphere, the people, the feeling (or me & the Makemakes actually)…. I’ll just have to be happy with the pictures I took and keep the memories safe.

While it is sad that both the Life Ball and the Songcontest are over now and this means back to school, back to normal (May really was crazy) – It also means that I’ll have some time for things that interest me and that I love doing: Sewing, reading (I can’t remember which book I read last), drawing and creating content for this blog! I’ll hope to have both the Spain and Monaco outfits on here before Canada… Give me time! I also have a finished garment that just needs photographing (2 actually, I also made my Life Ball outfit) and I’ll do a recap on Me-Made-May. So there are plenty of things to look forward to, I just hope the weather gets better and I’ll have some decent light to take pictures… Talk to you soon!

esc - the makemakes

esc - the show

esc - stadthalle


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