Monte Carlo, Monaco


For me, Monaco represents understated elegance, the jetset, chic and luxury. The people who stayed in the city made it famous as well as its history and the special location – just rocks and the sea, with buildings climbing up the hills, forming narrow streets and a specatcular view of the bay.

Adriana chose a very simple dress for the occasion, which is both practical and elegant and she can wear it to the beach (or yacht), the race and the party afterward. The whitework embroidery on the fabric really comes forward due to the very simple cut of the dress and is enhanced by a few pearls and rhinestones. It is simple and clean, yet very effective – the off-shoulder look adds to the whole elegant vibe I was going for.

Adriana just changes the bikini to proper underwear and adds a long blue scarf for the race – she will tie her hair up and accessorize the dress with some bold, gold jewellery and she’s ready for a night at the Casino.








3 thoughts on “Monte Carlo, Monaco

  1. Taswegian1957 says:

    Very pretty fabric and it looks a pretty, summery dress. I can imagine Adriana partying with the jet set.
    As for the race all I can say is “What were Mercedes thinking?”. I am not a huge fan of Lewis but he should have won that race.
    It was nice to see Daniel Ricciardo doing better too.

    • elentari95 says:

      As Niki Lauda put it: A catastrophy! I guess Mercedes wasn’t really thinking much in this situation… I look forward to Canada though, hopefully there won’t be too much tension between Nico and Lewis!

      • Taswegian1957 says:

        I hope not, you can see that those two are not friends as they once were. I’m also hoping that Daniel does well there. It will be in the early hours of the morning for me so I’ll have to record it.

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