Me-Made-May 2015

May is over and with it, my first Me-Made-May!

I set myself the challenge to wear at least two me-made garments a week and I’m glad to report that I succeeded. It wasn’t too difficult (3 would have been tough ), though the weather wouldn’t always play along – I have a lot of handmade skirts and summer dresses and hate to wear anything but mini-skirts with tights. The challenge once again also made me realize that there are some things that I really need for my closet, like another pair of trousers (I have already plans for two) or a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts (not as thick as sweaters). And summer shoes! I don’t own a single pair of ballet flats/espadrilles/sandals anymore, so that definitely needs to change soon.

But back to Me-Made-May. I originally wanted to take pictures on the clothes on me, but after the first failed attempt I was to annoyed to try again (no mirror selfies, my room was a complete mess) and decided it would be easier to just show them on the hanger. Some things I wore are unblogged, but I plan to shoot some of them soon to show them to you in more detail. Here is a breakdown of all the handmade pieces I wore this May (click on the photos to make them lager):

Week 1 : The lamé blouse & one of the first things I ever made – a jersey top, which got a recent upgrade – I reswed the seams with a serger. Not too bad for a first garment, but not my favourite. It’s a pyjama top for me.

Week 2: The turquoise checked dress and the huge machine-knitted shawl & my Life Ball dress inspired by Emilie Flöge (more about that soon + it looks way better on a person!)

Week 3: The shirtdress (still a favourite) & another really old garment – a circle skirt made from Ikea fabric (the print!) with turquoise piping on the waistband. Not perfect, but I love it.

Week 4: Trousers! The first ones are the pair I made in school – really not my favourite cut, I guess that is why they never showed up here on the blog. But I learned from this mistake and will stay away from wider-leg trousers now. At least they are high-waisted, which I love. Last piece – the poncho.

And that’s a wrap! Me-made-May was a nice challenge and I’m sure I will participate again next year. It’s always good to push yourself a little and I will certainly continue to wear as much handmade as possible everyday – I just love (most of) the clothes that I made, so why hide them in the closet?


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