Montreal, Canada


When I think about Canada, I think about its specatcular landscape, wild, untamed nature, the Indian summer – all these clichés. For lack of better inspiration (and time! Time is always the biggest issue), I decided to look at what fashion designers did with and ended up being inspired by Dsquared’s autumn 2015 collection – they where my starting point for getting a feeling for this country and turning this vague ideas into clothes

Adriana wears a white eyelet dress with feather embellishments at the neckline. Again, a rather simple white dress… But they look good and are very quick to make – time is very short at the moment and the lack of it is really restricting me. I had great plans for Canada, but as so often these past weeks, I had to cut down and make something simple. Hopefully, this will change once the holidays begin…

Anyways, the dress is embellished with feathers, sequins and rhinestones and has a wide double-belt made out of faux velour and denim (recycled jeans!) There’s not much more to say about this dress, only that I hope more special outfits will follow… Next stop: Austria!







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