Lazy Days

black and white

Even though the holidays begin on the 3rd of July, we already had our last test, the first year of school is basically over. So that means a lot of free time, for real this time.

The weather is good-ish at the moment (it actually changes constantly), I already went swimming in the Lobau last weekend (hopefully next week again). As I owned neither a swimsuit nor a bikini any longer, I needed to buy one – who knew that could turn into such a hassle? Especially swimsuits…. I ended up with one in a tropical print (this one), because I was tired of looking for the perfect one and I needed something quickly. I honestly consider making bikinis myself now as there are really some great patterns and resources out there – and not in the stores!

Speaking of making! I’m currently making a blouse form the block pattern I developed in school. I’m testing some fit changes on a white cotton voile, embroidered with little flowers, before I’ll cut into the good stuff – my Mitsi Tana Lawn from Liberty’s, bought in London. The voile from the wearable muslin is very lightweight and sheer, so I’m using french seams everywhere. The blouse will be sleeveless and I’ll use white bias binding to finish the raw edge. I still need to make the collar and decide on buttons, but I think I’ll be finished soon.

Also, I’m in the midst of making the second muslin for a cropped jacket. Once I nailed the fit, I plan to make several jackets at once… I’m currently stash-busting and the pattern is perfect for matching fabrics. I already jotted down possible combinations and I really like them all. So before I finish one jacket and think ‘Never again’, I rather make them all simultaniously. We’ll see how that goes! Otherwise, I have plans for two shorts, jeans and a dress. And ideas about some more garments, but the shirt and the jacket are the priority now. At least the shirt is :)

And pictures! I need to finally take pictures of my latest makes, including the Named Asaka Kimono. I’m so in love with this pattern (and the fabric I chose for it) and I can’t wait to finally show it to you! Maybe I’ll shoot it next time I’ll visit the Lobau, so hopefully very soon!

Until then, have a nice week, talk to you soon!



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