The True Cost

the true cost

Last weekend, I went to a screening of the movie The True Cost. I was deeply touched and coulnd’t get it out of my head – my mind was spinning with information, ideas, examples, fears, personal stories etc. To calm all this noise, I sat down, opened my laptop and just started to write. I jotted down my thoughts, bringing order into this chaos. What I ended up with is an essay about my own, personal relationship with sewing and how that is a statement against fast fashion. How it evolved from sewing purely for pleasure into much more. Many questions came up while writing and I realized that sewing your own clothes is only a very small part of breaking the chain. But it is a good start.

I submitted my essay to Colette’s Seamwork magazine, let’s see what they will have to say about it. If they aren’t interested in publishing, I’ll dedicate another blog post to it. This way or another, I’d really like to share my thoughts on this subject with you and hear your opinions. I’ll keep you updated what’s going to happen with the essay!


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