Summer Evenings

summer nights

I love summer evenings. The sun is setting, the light is beautiful, they sky turning into pink and peach-coloured hues. Silhouettes seem to soften and everything is soaked in a kind of golden glow (except for my skin, which looks as white as snow in these pictures). The cities are slowly lightning up while the rest gets dark. I love the whole atmosphere, so different from early mornings and yet similar.

I took these pictures of my Asaka Kimono during one of these mild evenings, in the Lainzer Tiergarten. It was very quiet already, I met just a couple of joggers and – boars! They were sniffing through the bushes and the undergrowth, luckily minding their own businesses. But back to the kimono! I used a stunning border print to compliment this fantastic pattern (the sleeves!), sadly made out of polyester crepe . But I simply couldn’t resist when I saw it and immediately thought of the Asaka. So I bought it and while it didn’t like pressing at all (literally no reaction to the heat and the steam), I didn’t have too much trouble with it. Maybe because I cut it on the grosswise grain (because of the print placement) – I think Tasia once mentioned that this could help with handling polyester. But don’t quote me on that, plus I can’t find the post right now. Whatever.

I sewed the entire kimono during lunch breaks in school – using industrial machines sped up the whole process sustainably. The hems are all handstitched, I actually did that when I was working at the Songcontest – we had lots of time and instead of doing nothing, most of my classmates just handsewed something, like details on their dirndls. We got a lot of strange looks!

Ok, this post is really all over the place now… The golden hour, paleness, boars, grainlines, Songcontest… I think I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves now!

summer nights

summer nights

summer nights

summer nights

summer nights


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