Silverstone, Great Britain


For me, British fashion is very eclectic. You have the traditional Savile Row tailoring on one side, with beautiful fabrics like tweed or herringbone. Very traditional, masculine, classic and elegant in a reserved way. And then famous designers come to my mind, like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood – they have extraordinary, avant guarde and very innovative designs. But  they still root in these old traditions of patternmaking and tailoring and that’s something I find extremely fascinating.

But the main inspiration for this outfit came actually from a famous British story – Alice in Wonderland. While making the coat, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Mad Hatter – and added the huge tweed collar. The skirt is made out of some deep purple fabric I had in my stash and it has a copper and turquoise waistband as well as some turquoise stitching around the hem. The whole outfit looks a bit thrown together and motley – taking clues from different epochs, mixing silhouettes, colours and textures – but that is exactly what I was trying to achieve.

(Sadly, I didn’t even see this race (only a summary later) – my parents came over from Salzburg and we spent the afternoon visiting various castles surrounding Vienna. I tried to watch the livestream on my phone, but there was no reception… I hope I’ll have a chance to watch the Hungarian Grand Prix, but it’s my niece’s birthday… argh, family! :)







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