Farm Girl

farm girl

I wanted a cornfield and I got a mowed meadow with lots of spiders and a considerable amount of spiky stalks. That’s the story behind these pictures and my slightly angry face – part of that is also courtesy of the harsh sunlight, the heat and my general facial expression. But let’s talk about the dress now, ok?

It is the zip-front dress from the book ‘Gertie Sews Vintage Casual’. Ever since I saw it I wanted to make it and I finally had everything I needed – finding a zipper in the right colour and length was less easy than I thought it would be! I made the dress out of a plain navy cotton weave, with tiny white dots printed on. I omitted the pockets but added white embroidered flowers (bigger marguerites with a yellow centre and smaller, plain ones) to make it a bit more interesting. I might add some more on a few places, but I’m going to leave it as it is for now.

The dress came together really quickly – I finished most of it in one afternoon. I followed Gertie’s instructions, but a reminder for next time: Sew in the zip before you close the side seams! You’ll have to change the order of the steps a bit, but sewing in the zipper when the dress is basically finished is… doable, but I would not recommend it. Otherwise, I had no issues at all, the dress fit nearly right away – I made a size six and took about 2cms in at the waist because it was a bit wide. For the hem I used my rolled hem foot – I got the machine from my grandmother years ago and never had a look at the feet beacuse I I didn’t know for which techniques they were useful. But this foot makes it so easy to sew curved hems! If I only had known…

Overall, I’m very happy with how everything turned out – the dress, the fit, the flowers, even the pictures actually look how I wanted them to look like. No reason to be angry.

farm girl

farm girl

farm girl

 farm girl

farm girl

farm girl

Farm girl


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